How to Choose the Right Turf for Your Place

How to Choose the Right Turf for Your Place

At Wild Horse Turf we’re all about arming with you with best knowledge to help you make an informed decision on which turf variety is best suited to your growing conditions and needs.

You might be thinking that surely grass is grass, not so; all five of the top quality varieties of turf we grow have been uniquely chosen to suit specific tastes, climates and aspects.
So before you take the plunge and invest time and money into your new lawn, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Hint: Local knowledge is a valuable resource, so find out which varieties are already growing well near you – this is something Wild Horse Turf specialises in.

7 top tips to help you choose the right turf

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1. Consider how much sun your lawn will get

If you’ve already had a lawn but are starting afresh with new turf, you’ll already know if it has any problem areas. Alternatively, if this is a blank canvas it’s wise to think about how much sun it will get during the morning and afternoon and whether this will change much during the seasons. Some varieties can cope superbly with shade and others struggle.

Consider if it’s a flat lawn or one that is slightly sloping and might be hard to mow in certain parts therefore you should consider a slower growing variety. Keep in mind that shaded areas might appear in the future as neighbouring trees and bushes grow bigger and cast shadows over your lawn. Maybe you’ve got plans for a greenhouse or kid’s play area, be mindful of how this might affect how much sun your turf gets.

Fact: Every turf variety requires a minimum amount of hours of direct sunshine each day and some are a lot more shade tolerant than to choose the right turf for your new lawn

2. Do you have water readily available?

Initially ALL newly-laid turf needs heavy watering for the first few weeks until it’s established. However, when choosing turf you must consider what access you will have to water once your lawn has been established. For example, if you live in an area that is prone to long dry periods a drought-resistant variety is preferable.

If you live in an area that typically has low rainfall, but you have access to a dam or river that you can use, then you might not necessarily have to choose a variety that is super drought hardy. What you’re aiming for is a lawn that grows well in your local conditions so you won’t have to water excessively.

Tip: Consider installing an irrigation system before putting in new lawn, it sure might make watering easier down the track.

how to choose the right turf for your place, consider how much water is available

3. Do you want or need a low maintenance lawn?

Take time to really think about how much time and effort you can or want to spend maintaining your new lawn. Perhaps you travel a lot for work, have family commitments or are looking to turf an investment property, these are all factors to consider when deciding which variety is best for you.

Some lawns are slow growing and require less mowing, while others take off and need weekly attention in summer to keep it looking tidy. Also, while you can’t predict the future, sadly, keep in mind that circumstances can change and so might your priorities so maybe an all-rounder variety is the go.

Fact: In the interests of transparency, some spots just aren’t right for lawns, especially if your site is too shady, wet or dry and exposed to extreme wear.

4. Take into consideration where you live

Not all grasses are created equal and some thrive in seaside locations, whereas others may struggle to live with the salt. If you live in an area that experiences frosts, it’s wise to choose a turf that can withstand such cold conditions or one that bounces back quickly.

Tip: If you’re unsure about the quality and characteristic of your soil, why not get it tested to ascertain the quality and acidity of it.

5. Will your lawn be an area of high traffic?

Some lawns with vigorous runners will self-repair a lot better than others, making them perfect for lawns that will cop a lot of wear and tear from dogs, young kids and backyard cricket. Maybe cars will drive or park on your new lawn and therefore you need a turf that can take a battering.

If the area you intend to turf is not likely to have much foot or mechanical traffic, then you’ll be able to get away with a grass that isn’t as wear tolerant. Also keep in mind that while your lawn might not be used much now, it might in the to choose the right turf,

6. Visualise how you want your lawn to look

Think about how you want your new lawn to look and feel. Are you after a luscious soft-leaf variety that feels comfy underfoot or one that is more practical but still pleasing to the eye? Maybe you want your front lawn to be a showpiece, particularly if you’re considering selling; or perhaps your want a less expensive variety because you have a large area to grass.

Remember: There are no rules saying you have to have the same type of grass at the front, back or side of your property – consider its purpose and let this guide you. how to choose turf, how do you want your new lawn to look

7. Draw up a list of must-have characteristics.

Choosing a lawn isn’t as difficult as you might think, it’s just a matter of narrowing down what you value the most, what exactly you want from your lawn. Write down the top 5 reasons why you want turf, maybe because of the way it looks, feels or because it’s an easy-care way to create a smart looking property.

Once you’ve discovered the why, write down the three characteristics that you won’t compromise on. For example, maybe you want a lawn that is super low maintenance, drought tolerant and able to repair itself. This will help you weed out (see what we did there) any varieties that won’t meet your needs.

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One more thing…

Importantly, enjoy the process and don’t get too caught up on the technical side of turf, that’s our job. We live and breathe turf and know the ins and outs of each variety and can help guide you through the selection process.

We want your new lawn thrive as much as you do, and are happy to share our knowledge on which variety thrives in certain conditions, so email us here or call 07 5496 9790 and ask as many questions as you like.

Wild Horse Turf can deliver to your doorstep and also offers an efficient delivery and installation service.


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