Wintergreen Couch


Wild Horse Turf grow Queensland’s Best Wintergreen Couch – as awarded by the Queensland Turf Producers Association, June 2023. Wild Horse Turf grow Queensland's Best Wintergreen Couch - as awarded by the Queensland Turf Producers Association, June 2023. 

Wintergreen Couch is considered the best all-round lawn on the market due to its hard wearing nature and rapid recovery from damage or high wear.

It is a fine textured, soft-to-touch lawn that has superior drought tolerance and a strong growth structure. Wintergreen Couch is a warm season grass that is well suited to the climate of South East Queensland, and it boasts a mid-light green appearance that will keep its colour year round, except in frost regions. 

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Despite being soft to the touch, Wintergreen couch is actually extremely hard wearing, making it great for areas of lawn likely to have high amounts of traffic. For example, it will recover quickly after your kids (or adults who are still kids at heart) have given the lawn a bit of a hard time.

Hint: Wintergreen couch is a good choice for domestic lawns, parks, footpaths, road verges, sports fields and golf courses.


Being able to self heal sure is a super power of this lawn. Wintergreen couch actually has a creeping/runner growth, and importantly, a deep root system. These characteristics combined enable it to self repair exceptionally fast and ‘shake’ off any wear and damage in no time.

The only downside – because we’re all about transparency at Wild Horse Turf – is that Wintergreen Couch’s amazing root system can allow it to find its way under any garden edges and pop up in your garden beds. But don’t fret, just stay vigilant and remove the grass as soon as you notice it.


Not everyone lives in ideal grass growing conditions, but this doesn’t matter with Wintergreen Couch. Even under minimal watering and fertilising, this grass will maintain a cover, provide soil stabilisation and prevent weeds from germinating.

In addition, if you’re looking to use this for a new lawn or to replace an old one, this variety is extremely durable and requires little maintenance to look good. For those who are faced with droughts from time-to-time, Wintergreen couch has been breed to withstand such harsh conditions. It most cases it’ll continue to live with no watering and regain its colour following rain/irrigation.

Fact: Due to its high thatch load, this grass will smother out weeds. Even when it is dry, this thatch will act like mulch stopping weeds from germinating.


While this turf variety is tough, durable and has a quick recovery time, we’ve got a few mowing tips to ensure it stays in tip-top shape. Firstly, this lawn is best kept mowed short to avoid the scalping effect that can sometimes occur with this grass. Don’t worry you don’t have to go overboard, once every seven-to-10 days in summer and every two-to-five weeks in autumn. 

Keep in mind that no more 30-40 per cent of the leaf should be removed in any one session. Also, it’s a wise idea to use a catcher or rake up and remove the cut grass. And if possible avoid cutting grass when wet. Ensuring your mower blades are sharp will also maintain a smart looking lawn.

Did you know? Mowing the lawn actually uses several important muscles groups AND builds your core strength. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!


Just because Wintergreen couch is pretty self sufficient, it will keep better colour in winter if you fertilise in autumn. We suggest treating it so nitrogen and iron; you can also do this again in spring to maintain a green and healthy lawn. In regards to weeds control, a broadleaf spray can control clover, bindi and broadleaf weed and it’s wise to apply this to your lawn before flowering.

To find out if Wintergreen couch is the ideal variety for your lawn, business or recreational area, get in touch with us. You can also make an appointment with us to come and view this turf in ‘action’ at our farm.

Email here or call 07 5496 9790 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.