Palmetto Buffalo

Palmetto Buffalo

Not all turf is created equal; this is particularly the case with the buffalo varieties. At Wild Horse Turf we’ve chosen to grow Palmetto soft leaf buffalo because it’s a high quality grass and we’re committed to producing the BEST turf, not the most turf.

This eye-catching lawn has outstanding winter colour, requires less watering and mowing than most other turf varieties and has a super soft leaf. But these are only a few reasons why Palmetto is the top-selling brand of buffalo grass in the world. In fact with combined sales in Australia, US and South Africa, no other proprietary brands of buffalo grass comes close to the quantity sold.

Fact: Palmetto is recommended for up to 65% shade in areas with low wear and up to 45% shade in areas with moderate to high wear.

11 reasons why you’ll love Palmetto buffalo grass

1. Unlike some older more traditional buffalo lawns, Palmetto doesn’t have any scratchy barbs down the leaf, making it super soft a fabulous choice for families.

2. This lawn will look outstanding in winter, keeping its rich green appearance when other buffalos may pale. Research also shows that this particular variety of buffalo grass has 75.5% better green colour than other types.

3. You’ll save time mowing a Palmetto lawn because unlike some other rapidly upward growing buffalos, its upward leaf growth is less than most other varieties. This is particularly handy for those who travel frequently or want a low maintenance lawn.

4. Palmetto has a great wear tolerance because it grows fast across the ground and its runners are highly branching. So if you want a functional yet fabulous looking lawn that can take a battering from kids or big dogs, you’ve found it.

5. This variety performs will in full sun, yet thrives in shaded areas where other grasses falter. In fact, Palmetto buffalo only needs four hours of direct sunlight, making it one of the most shade resistance lawns on the market.

6. Palmetto is suitable for beachfront homes, those on barrier islands and bay fronts because it performs very well in waterfront areas that receive over wash and spray from salt waters.

7. You won’t spend a fortune on herbicides because this turf can generally out-compete weeds once it’s established because its dense growth dominates. Weeds usually invade during winter, but because Palmetto still actively grows in winter, it’s unlikely they’ll even get a look in.

8. A premium turf with a deep root system, this grass is more drought resistant than most varieties. Palmetto is actually extremely efficient with water and stays greener for longer in dry conditions, making it a summer and winter green grass.

9. It is a low allergenic variety which makes it an ideal lawn for those with allergies. It’s the seed heads that can cause allergies and Palmetto has less of these. Interesting, in a full year trial this buffalo variety had an average of 40% less seed head than other popular buffalos.

Did you know? Research undertaken by Ozbreed revealed that when compared to Sir Walter, Palmetto buffalo grass had a 35% better late winter colour, required 14.3% less mowing and had considerably less thatch.

10. Amazingly soft underfoot, Palmetto is known to create a dense sward without major thatch problem. In addition, this superior lawn rarely scalps when being mown, ensuring your lawn is almost always a stunning green colour.

11. Lawn grubs are rarely a problem when you have Palmetto buffalo grass because it has been specifically bred to be more resistant to such pests. It also has good tolerance to gray leaf spot and other diseases. But no one’s perfect right? So if you have any concerns about the health of your lawn, call us for some expert advice.

If you’d like to see for yourself how wonderful Palmetto soft leaf buffalo actually is, shoot us an email here or call 07 5496 9790 and make an appointment to visit Wild Horse Turf. And don’t forget we’re here to answer any and all questions, we’re happy when we’re talking turf.


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