5 things to do in spring for a perfect summer lawn

The very best lawns are made summer-ready in spring!  A little time invested now will see your lawn in top condition for summer.  Here are five things to do in spring for a perfect summer lawn.


Raise the height of your mower deck.  While your lawn wakes up from it’s winter torpor you don’t want to mow it too heavily.  Lift your deck so that all you’re mowing is the very tips of the leaves.  If you scalp your lawn early in the season you risk turning your yard brown for weeks!


Most turf types grow slowly over winter and this can give weeds the upper hand.  If you only have a few weeks, hand weeding is the best option.  There are sprays available for more severe infestations, but it’s important you get the right kind.  Sprays containing dicamba should never be used on buffalo grasses.


Giving your lawn a light application of a slow-release fertiliser at the start of spring will help it reach it’s peak faster.  Spread fertiliser evenly and water in well.


Aerating your lawn gives the root zone greater access to air, water, and fertiliser and improves the overall health of your turf.   Spring is the perfect time to aerate your lawn if it shows signs of compaction (the soil is generally soft and easier to dig).  You can test your lawn for compaction with a garden fork – if the fork won’t penetrate at least half way down the tines your lawn will benefit from aeration.  Aerating your lawn is simple – using a garden fork open up the soil at 10cm intervals.  If you’re working on a large area spiked lawn rollers and automated corers are available for hire.


If your lawn has had the Richard, Spring is the perfect time to consider a complete lawn replacement.  The cooler Spring temperatures are less taxing on newly-laid turf.  Lawns laid in early spring will be thriving by summer.  Wild Horse Turf can advise you on replacing your lawn, phone (07) 54969790 and we’ll help you to choose the best variety for your needs.

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