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Lawn care tips if you’re going away

Nothing beats a summer holiday, but the last thing you want to come home to is a dead lawn. At Wild Horse Turf we suggest that you have turf delivered when you’re going to be around for the next two weeks so you can water it in.

But if your lawn is already established and thriving, and you’re only going away for a week, then you won’t have to do much prep, just give it a mow at the regular height the day before you leave. We sell a variety of hardy turf varieties that can tolerate a lack of water, but there’s no harm in giving it a good soaking before you leave to give it a head start.

However, if you’re planning a longer trip say two-to-four weeks (we’re envious), here’s some pre-holiday tasks that will help ensure you return to a healthy lush lawn not a brown eyesore.

Lawn care tips if you’re away for two or more weeks

Mow – but not too low

While it’s tempting to mow lower so you don’t come home to waist-height chaos, keep in mind that it actually pays to leave your grass a little longer than normal to shade the soil from the scorching sun, especially if you live in the Sunshine Coast area. 

Hint: If you arrive home to an overgrown lawn, don’t stress and mow too low, mow a few times over the first week you’re home to slowly get it to optimal height.

If you’ve got someone you can ask a favour of or you can afford to pay someone to mow your lawn while you’re away for a month or so, then this is preferable. But don’t stress too much, an overgrown lawn can easily be tended to when you get home.

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Watering – set up sprinkler if can

Often in summer mother nature takes care of the watering of your lawn, with the odd storm or sun shower. However, if trends continue, then Queensland summers will get drier and hotter, so it might pay to consider setting up a sprinkler on a timer for areas of the lawn you care about the most, say a highly-visible front yard.

Tip: There’s bound to be an eager child in your street or circle of friends who will water your lawn for some pocket money, or you could hire a local landscaper to water during your absence.

Remove heavy objects

To reduce soil compaction, remove any heavy objects from your grass, particularly cars. This will save you a big job when you return, because starving a lawn of oxygen, water and sunlight is a sure-fire way to stress out an already untended lawn. 

Make sure any lawn furniture and sporting gear is also off the grass, because as well as giving it the best chance to staying healthy, if there’s a storm there’s less chance they’ll get blown around and cause damage to your property. 

Hold off on fertilising

Like any proud homeowner, you might be tempted to ensure your lawn is well fed in your absence, but avoid this if possible. The varieties we grow are suited to the climatic conditions of the Sunshine Coast and surrounds and will be okay without fertiliser. In fact, by feeding your lawn before you leave, you’ll increase the chances of a massive growth spurt and mowing headaches upon your return. 

Importantly, have a fabulous holiday and remember that if you do come home to a sick-looking lawn, get in touch with us at Wild Horse Turf and we’ll help you whip it back into shape in no time.

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