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Customer Profile: Wes from Coastal Dingo Hire

Our decision to grow the BEST turf, not the most turf, is because we’re passionate about selling our customers only the highest quality grass. And it’s exactly this reason that Sunshine Coast contractor Wes Faulkner, of Coastal Dingo Hire, says he’ll only use our turf for his jobs.

We had a chat with Wes, who’s based in Caloundra but offers his services across the Sunshine Coast, and asked him to share his experiences with our turf. As well as doing prep work for some of Wild Horse Turf clients, Wes has his own customers.Coastal Dingo Hire, turf prep, turf sunshine coast

Wes says as a machine operator it’s his job to ensure people’s yards are level in the right spots so when turf is laid the water flows away from the house and in the right direction. Each site is different and has its own unique challenges, but by the time he’s worked his magic it’s ready for ‘Dean’s turf’.

“Wild Horse Turf is not huge but their quality is far superior to any other product on the Sunshine Coast, in my view – and that’s why they have the work they have. It’s pretty amazing really, it’s like carpet, just beautiful,” he says.turf sunshine coast

“Such is the quality of the product right now I don’t go anywhere else for my turf nowadays. I’ll back Dean’s products, and if it’s one of my jobs I’ll use Dean’s grass – I won’t use anyone else.”

Wes says he believes the high quality of Wild Horse Turf is due to Dean’s hard work and his knowledge in the field, and the fact he continues to educate himself on the best growth practices.

“I work for so many other people who use other turf farms and what I see is nowhere near a patch on Dean’s grass. He’s got it right, you see that’s the idea of turf; it’s instant lawn and his turf gives you that look straight away. You don’t get that with a lot of other turf.”turf sunshine coast

When it comes to helping clients choose which variety of turf to use, Wes says Wild Horse Turf’s sales manager Brett assesses customers’ sites and how much shade or sun they get. This helps determine whether they get an easy-care lawn such as Empire Zoysia, a buffalo grass such as Palmetto or couch such as Wintergreen.turf sunshine coast

“Wild Horse has got different varieties to suit every budget, but then not every variety is going to grow in that particular area. Some areas on the Sunshine Coast aren’t suited for couch, but are perfect for Sapphire Soft-Leaf Buffalo,” says Wes.

“Take the Empire Zoysia for example, it looks like a bowling green, and that’s what Dean wants. It’s all about the quality and the after-sales services. If I need backup he’s always a phone call away and if I can’t solve a turf problem, he will, and that’s very important in this industry.turf sunshine coast

“Dean is really trying to drill down on quality and put 100 per cent into the paddocks and the products speak for itself. It’s obviously working because his product is getting better and better. In fact, the grass I got last week looked like synthetic turf, that’s fair dinkum, it’s just that amazing.”

If you’d like to come and inspect our farms and feel for yourself our ‘carpet-like’ turf, give us a call on 5496 9790 and we’ll arrange an inspection at one of our Glass House Mountains farms.

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